<<display "preamble">>\n\n"Sloosha", as the verb suffix -a implies, is a vebified form of the Blob word "sloosh", the sound a blob makes when moving around. Thus, "sloosha" means to move around. Many Blobby nouns (and words!) are simply onomatopoeia, or the sound a thing makes, as blobs' fluid bodies make them highly sensitive to sound waves.\n\nNote that when the verb is repeated, as it is in this case, it conveys a repetitious or habitual activity. The more a verb is repeated, the more repetitive or habitual the act.\n\n[[Back to the story|Blob]]
You may now close that Youtube tab.\n\n[[Thank you for your cooperation.|Chastened]]
Glub sloosha up __Clang Clang__. Until... flumpha, is glub glubba...?\n\nGlubba __Blub__! __Blub__! __Blub__ glubba Glub lub!\n\n__Blub__ blubba, //"Blub <3 glub, winka."//\n\nAnd Glub <3 __Blub__!\n\n//(Ah, true lub.)//\n\n''The End''\n\n(To try again, click Restart or Rewind.)
We interrupt your scheduled game broadcast to announce SoftSoft's latest innovation in game-tech: Glorious Youtube-o-Vision!(tm) Incidentally, the inaugural release of this fine innovation is this very game!\n\nSimply open the following Youtube link in another tab (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRo6tnRBzqM) and keep it playing until told to close it. Piece of cake!\n\n[[Now on with the show!|Wub]]
Hello there, and welcome to another exciting game from SoftSoft, America's third most famous interactive fiction company! You may remember us from such Pirate Kart favorites as //You Have to Put the Ball in the Cup// or //You Can Watch the Oscars//. Then again, maybe not? Perhaps this is your very first SoftSoft entertain-game, in which case, strap in for adventure, because SoftSoft brings it in spades!\n\n(Disclaimer: SoftSoft may not actually bring adventure in spades.)\n\nThe game which you are about to play represents a turning point in the history of SoftSoft: it is their very first CYOA. Do not progress through this story like any other web page, clicking on links to go to a different part of the story or to perhaps gain information about something... wait wait, no, that is //exactly// what you do in this sort of game. Do exactly that to progress through the story.\n\nAs the star of //You are a Blob!//, you're, well, a blob. That's the fricking title of the game; I'm sure you could guess. In it you sloosh and flumph around, as blobs do, until an ending of some sort is reached. Then you click the Restart link on the left and do that all over again, only different. You don't have to do that last bit if you don't want to. In fact, you don't have to play this game at all, really.\n\n[[You know what let's just skip to the actual game.|Blob]]
[[Glub]] blob! Glub [[flumpha flumph|Flumph]]. Glub <3 flumph. Glub [[sloosha sloosha sloosha|Sloosha]] flumph.\n\nOther glubs flumpha. To left, __Blah Blah__ flumpha and blabba. To front, __Ba-Boom Ba-Boom__ also flumpha and blabba. To right, __Drip Drip__ drippa drippa.\n\n''What Glub glubba?''[[*|Glubba]]\n\n[[sloosha Blah Blah flumph|Blah Blah Blah]]\n[[sloosha Ba-Boom Ba-Boom flumph|Ba-Boom Ba-Boom]]\n[[sloosha Drip Drip flumph|Drip Drip]]
Here __Ba-Boom Ba-Boom__ blabba blabba and flumpha. Blabba //"Boom ba-boom, boom boom ba-boom."// Also blabba //"wub wub wub wub."// No other glub flumpha.\n\n''What Glub glubba?''\n\n[[om nom nom Ba-Boom Ba-Boom|Note]]\n[[sloosha flumph flumph|Blob]]
Glub sloosha down dark flumph. But dark flumph glubba too dark! Glub sloosha into __Woosh Woosh__, woosha Glub! Now Glub woosha woosha into far //far// dark flumph-- if Glub still flumpha!\n\n//(Swept away...)//\n\n''The End''\n\n(To try again, click Restart or Rewind.)
Wub wub wubba wub. Wub wub wub? Wubba wubba wub?\n\nWub wub __Wub Wub__ wubba wubba //wubba//.\n\n''What Wub wubba?''\n\n[[wub wub|Wub Wub]]\n[[wub wub wubba wub|Wub Wub]]\n[[(Augh, that's enough, thanks)|Sweet Relief]]
Glub sloosha dark flumph. __Woosh Woosh__ woosha woosha woosha. Dark flumph flumpha far.\n\n''What Glub glubba?''\n\n[[sloosha Drip Drip flumph|Drip Drip]]\n[[sloosha far dark flumph|Woosh!]]
Glub flumpha __Skeeter Skeeter__ flumph, to om nom nom __Skeeter Skeeter__. But __Blah Blah__ glubba mean!\n\n//"Augh augh!"// blabba __Blah__, //"Ew ew blah!"//\n\n__Blah Blah__ stompa stompa! Squisha Glub! Now Glub flumpha no more!\n\n//(Squished!)//\n\n''The End''\n\n(To try again, click Restart or Rewind.)
Glubba mean to om nom nom glub. But __Blah Blah__ glubba meaner! Glub flumpha til __Blah Blah__ flumpha. Then Glub sloosha!\n\n__Blah Blah__ blabba "//Augh augh! Help blah bleh blah!"// Too late. Glub om nom nom __Blah Blah__. __Blah Blah__ glubba yum!\n\n//(Mmm, tasty!)//\n\n''The End''\n\n(To try again, click Restart or Rewind.)
//For Addie, to show that while anyone can make a game, it takes skill, dedication, and a WHOLE lotta hard work to make one that nearly everyone is going to hate.//\n\n[[Begin again?|Blob]]|[[About?|About]]
You are a Blob!
//You are a Blob// is SoftSoft's entry in the 2013 Ectocomp. SoftSoft may or may not be a wholly fictional company, but it's known for sure that they couldn't get anything done without the help of Molly G. (who also goes by Healy in some places). They are most famous for their //You Have to Put the Noun in the Other Noun// series, but they also have dabbled in Oscar-wtaching games, unfinished demos, and even a Knytt Stories level.\n\nMolly G., who wrote and coded the game, would like to give shoutouts to:\n\n''Chris Klismas'', for making Twine (natch!)\n''J. J. Guest'', for organizing Ectocomp\n''All my other fellow Ectocomp authors'', especially...\n''Addie Snyder'' (I hope I spelled your name right), to whom this game is dedicated, and without whom it certainly would not exist\nThe OverClocked ReMix user ''PrototypeRaptor'', who created the song used in the Youtube-o-Vision segment\nAnd by that token, to the song's original composer ''Koji Kondo''\nTwine Google Groups user ''Kris'', who created a fix for the back macro\nThe ''Bobs Haney and Kanigher'', in whose spirits the game was composed (even though it doesn't have a single Haunted Tank in it. Oh well, there's always next year.)\n''Carl Muckenhoupt'', who must have a hand in this mess somewhere\nThe ''intfiction forums'', for general moral support\nAnd last but not least, ''my family'' (especially Dad). D'aw, I really do love you guys.\n\n[[Begin again?|Blob]]|[[Dedication?|Dedication]]
Glub glubba Wrong. __Wub Wub__ wubba wubba wubba Glub 'til KABOOMA!! And Glub flumpha no more.\n\n//(All wub'd out.)//\n\n''The End''\n\n(To try again, click Restart or Rewind.)
Ugh, glubba //trip//. Glub still flumpha, somehow.\n\n__Ba-Boom Ba-Boom__ also flumpha, but glub glubba... awful. Sloosha __Ba-Boom Ba-Boom__ flumph not now.\n\n[[Sloosha flumph flumph instead.|Blob]]
//Note from Dr. Figgins:// "Glubba" means to be and not to do, so strictly speaking this sentence is not good Blobbese grammar. But using glubba in the latter sense is not uncommon; I see it gaining traction among the younger generation of blobs in particular.\n\n<<back>>
//Note: due to the... highly idiosyncratic nature of the blob language, we have consulted Dr. Henry Figgins, a blob linguist specialist, to write up a glossary of the more challenging blob vocabulary.//
Here __Blah Blah__ flumpha and blabba. __Blah Blah__ blabba //"Blah blah blah de blah bleh blah,"// glub stompa stompa, squisha __Skeeter Skeeter__. __Blah Blah__ glubba ''mean''.\n\n''What Glub glubba?''\n\n[[om nom nom Skeeter Skeeter|Squish!]]\n[[om nom nom Blah Blah Blah|Om nom nom]]\n[[sloosha flumph flumph|Blob]]
Glub slurpa __Drip Drip__. Mmmmm! Now Glub no glubba thirsty.\n\n<<back>>
Here __Drip Drip__ dripppa drippa. Up __Drip Drip__ flumpha __Clang Clang__. Glub drippa and clanga: //Drip, drip.// ''Clang, clang!'' //Drip, drip.// ''Clang!'' //Drip, drip.// ''Clang, clang!''\n\n__Drip Drip__ drippa into __Woosh Woosh__, woosha into dark flumph.\n\n''What Glub glubba?''\n\n[[slurpa Drip Drip|Slurp]]\n[[sloosha dark flumph|Woosh Woosh]]\n[[sloosha Clang Clang flumph|Clang Clang]]\n[[sloosha flumph flumph|Blob]]
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a CYOA game by SoftSoft
<<display "preamble">>\n\nIn the Blob tongue, "glub" is a generic pronoun, used for first person (I, me); second person (you, your); and third person (she/he/it/they, her/his/its/their); the distinction between the three being academic to a blob.\n\n<<back>>
<<display "preamble">>\n\n"Flumph", in Blob, means a space that is or can be occupied. When in its verb form "flumpha", it can mean to occupy or live in a space, to wait, or to simply exist, in a more philosophical sense. Note that verb forms in Blobbish nearly always take the -a suffix.\n\n<<back>>